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Panama Environmental Services (PES) is formed by a group of professionals from different areas of knowledge and expertise, such as engineers in the areas of Civil, electrical, industrial, Petroleum (oil), mining, agronomy, chemical and forest and professionals in the fields of architecture, psychology, economics, biology, marketing and law, among others.

Our founder Luis Villarreal, M.E., who has been committed to environmental issues since 1980, directs this company. He has been an Ad-hoc member of the National Committee for Biodiversity before the Autoridad Nacional de Ambiente (ANAM) (National Environmental Authority) and a member of the Directive Committee of the National Strategy of the Environment 2000-2020 with the National Environmental Authority representing the National Private Sector Council. Mr. Villarreal is also President of the Fundación Panameña de Servicios Ambientales (FUPASA), Panamanian Foundation for Environmental Services, organization in charge of the promotion and marketing of programs and projects related to carbon and climate change in Panama, through the United Nations Marco Convention Mechanism for Clean Development and of the Kyoto Protocol. He is also a member of the Fundación Panameña de Seguridad Ciudadana. (Panamanian Foundation for Citizen's Security).

In addition, he was President of the Comité Organizador de la Conferencia Foro Internacional para la Mitigación del Cambio Climático (Organizing Committee for the 2003 International Forum Conference for the Mitigation of the Climate Change) sponsored by USAID, PROARCA, ANAM, CCAD, FUPASA.


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